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A Village Comes Together

Fakirpara is a village in Dhanubhanga Gaon Panchayat of Rangjuli block. The women in this village had 6 SHGs earlier which were promoted under SGSY scheme but before SeSTA’s intervention only 2 SHG were functioning and rest were defunct. SeSTA professionals shared about SeSTA’s work with SHGs and how they could mutually help each other and benefit from the SHG. The women were taken for exposures to Chirang district were SeSTA has been working for the last 5 years. After coming from the exposures they revived their groups and started weekly meetings. Now there are 9 SHGs in the village and all are following the ‘panchasutras’. The SHGs also received membership and accountant training. In the month of December 2016 a village Organization named Sunjwarng was formed with the members of 9 SHG of the village In the month of September, together with the help of the community a village development plan (VDP) was prepared. It was a four day planning exercise where the Panchayat Representatives were also present. In the planning exercise awareness was created around MGNREGA and different work that can be done under MGNREGA. The village development plan showed that there was huge potential for INRM work. The plan included 53 fishery ponds, 46 unit of horticulture plantation, 42 unit of livestock & poultry farm and

24 vermi-compost unit for livelihood assets creation. For implementation of the plan SeSTA mobilized financial support from APPI and supported 12 families with Rs 20,000/- each to excavate their fishery tank. 14 landless families were supported to take up livestock (Pig rearing) activity with Rs 5000/- each. 2 families were supported to raise Arecanut plantation with financial assistance of Rs 10000/- each. 5 families were also supported for preparing Vermicompost with Rs 1000/- each. The amounts were given to them as loan component and they have to return it to Village Organization as the money was given as revolving fund for the community. The women farmers of Fakirpara also received different trainings on agriculture, horticulture and fishery and are receiving regular follow up in different activities.

The remaining plan was documented by the VO members and was submitted to the Panchayat. The Panchayat Representatives gave assurance that their plan will be considered and also passed the plan in the Gaon Sabha. The VO members are taking active part in the Gaon Sabha and are regularly in touch with the Panchayat. They are now more confident in dealing with Panchayat Representatives. There is a lot of excitement among the SHG members and they have resolved to make Fakirpara a developed village. The wheels of development are turning in the village!