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Adopting improved practices leading to substantial additional income

Pratima Haloi is a SHG member of Ekajoli from Dhirua village and Barnibari Gram Panchayat which comes under Barkhetri Block. Earlier the family had around 30 bighas of land, which eventually they have to sell out under various circumstances to support the family. Her husband, Mr. Thaneswar Haloi was also reeling under mental illness as such supporting the family of seven members was a huge challenge for her.

In order to implement MKSP, SeSTA organized an awareness camp at Bhirua village. Pratima Haloi was also present in the awareness camp. Later she along with some other women members from the same village formed a producer group in the name of Lucky. The objective of the producer group was to work on agriculture. Through the PG Pratima Haloi received trainings on System of Rice Intensification (SRI) in paddy and System of Crop Intensification (SCI) in vegetables. Knowing that there will be increase in production and reduction in cost of production she showed interest in adopting the prescribed principles adopting organic practices.

Pratima Haloi was trained on seed sorting and treatment, nursery raising, transplantation, interculture operations and preparation of organic manure and pesticides. She followed all the package of practice that she learnt and cultivated SRI summer paddy in two bigha of land and SCI summer vegetables in one bigha of land. Initially she found challenging while transplantation of paddy, however when she started seeing tillering that is when she started believing, and this also encouraged her to adopt remaining package of practice.

During the entire season she only spent 400 rupees in preparation of pesticide and manure which otherwise she had to spend around 2000 INR. The results were also very encouraging as she attained 22.5 mon (9 quintal) paddy per bigha of land which comes to 45 mon or 18 quintals. From the vegetable plot so far she has attained around 40,000 income. Looking at the results other members also are willing to take up similar practices from the next season. Pratima Haloi said, “I will continue doing the practices as they have given me good income to support my family.”