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Goats of fortune

Bamungaon is a village which comes under Bamungaon-Duttapur VCDC of Sidli development block. Sukitra Kisku is a Woman farmer, from Jharna SHG and has taken up goat rearing as a livelihood activity.SeSTA has been promoting goat rearing since 2015. Earlier, she used to rear goat traditionally and she lost on an average 3 goats per year- there has been a mortality rate of 80% in the area due to various diseases. To avoid the losse and generate more profits Sukitra adopted the improved practices with technical assistance from SeSTA like proper shed for goats, stall feeding, timely vaccination for FMD, HS,PPR, de-worming of animals and applying vitamins and minerals to pregnant does.

She also bought one Buck of Punjab Beetal variety of F1 generation. The age of the buck was 3 months, while she bought it. The main purpose of the new variety is to change the variety of goats, after cross breeding with Assam hill goat in the village and to increase the productivity of goat. She has now one Doe, two castrated goats, one Punjab beetal buck and two kids. She uses to take charge of Rs. 50, for each service of cross breeding the animals. Till date, she has served with 38 does in the village, with more than 50 new variety kid (F2 generation of Punjab beetal) in the village. She has also crossed her one Doe, which gave birth of 2 kids. The Weight of that kid after 7 months is 15 kg. It has seen that the weight of new variety gradually increases, 10 days of kid has gain weight of average 10-15 kg, whereas if it is compared with local breeds, it is only 4-5 kg weight after 10 days.

With all these intervention, she is now planning to develop one small breeding unit by herself. She hasn’t suffered mortality of a single goat in the last 2 years. Also, she has earned an amount of Rs. 1900 only through crossing her buck with does. She has increases the resources to 6 Goats. In coming month, she is ready to sell 2 castrated goats. She has earned around Rs 25,000 from selling goats.