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Our Team

We have more than 60 young professionals who are working in 457 villages of North-East India. Our team consists of individuals from diverse backgrounds and they are recruited from universities and hold degrees in subjects like management, engineering, agriculture, and the social sciences.

We are organized into field-based teams of two-to-three young professionals under the leadership of integrators. Each team member is conversant with his domain. Collectively, we work towards the common goal of achieving sustainable livelihood in remote villages.

Sl No.ImageNameDesignationQualificationAs a PersonYears of Experience
1Amar AcherjeeAssociate (MIS)B.AI enjoy working with SeSTA Team, learn new things 'by doing'. I am currently part of the MEL function and looking after the Management Information System (MIS). I have completed all the phases of Group Process Awareness and Sensitivity. I love traveling, love to spend time in new places particularly hilly areas.3.5 Years
2Amarendra KalitaProgramme AssociateMSWI have a keen interest in promoting livelihoods activities particularly agriculture along with community mobilization. I feel my strong points are helpfulness ,team work and punctuality .I love playing sports; hockey is my passion.2 Years
3Angshuman DihingiaExecutiveMSWI am a fun loving person and immensely interested in community development works. Biking and watching football are my passions.1.5 Years
4Ankeshwar PandeyIntegratorB.TECH(IT)I like working in rural areas. My aim is to work with underprivileged and marginilised to bring about change in their lives. I love spending time alone or be with nature, I like travelling, cooking.5 years
5Ansumai BasumataryExecutive TraineeM A Development(Livelihood specialization)SeSTA gave me an opportunity to apply the theory that I have learnt, in practical. I already had an interest working with community so, I feel SeSTA is the platform where I could explore myself.Fresher
6Arindam GoswamiExecutive TraineeMA in Mass Communication and JournalismAs a communication student I believe in the power of dialogues and that's what I've been doing for last 12 months. This platform has given me the opportunities to know and experience the rural life and now I have a whole lot of appreciations for life. Strengthening and mobilizing the community institutions and thus bringing social and economic change is my motto of working. Apart from it I have keen interest in watching movies and travelling.1 Year
7Atish EkkaExecutiveMSWI did my post-graduation from Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Guwahati on MASW with a specialisation of Community Organisation and Development Practice. For me working with the community has always been a passion. Here, in SeSTA, I have discovered myself and enhanced capabilities to work along with the community.1 Year
8Barhunkha MushaharyExecutiveMBAI am a fun loving person who loves riding motorcycle and going places and meeting new peoples. I find joy in helping the disadvantaged and also enjoy parties with friends. I had worked for UNDP before joining SeSTA.3 Years
9Barnali DeviExecutiveMA in Mass Communication and Journalism & 3 yrs. Polytechnic Diploma in Modern Office Management.I always love to do need based work. I don't want to judge people. Self-confidence is my art of living. I believe in the invisible power. Before joining SeSTA, I engaged with two organizations as Accounts Executive.2 Years
10Bidangshree MushaharyExecutiveMA in Ecology & EnvironmentI have been involved in various Projects funded by MoRD,Tata Trusts, ITC.4 Years
11Bipin KumarIntegratorMSWThis is really tough for me to introduce myself. There are thousand persons in me and there is none in reality. For this forum I would say I am here as I like being with genuine person. I love nature and diversity. I feel that rural lifestyle has many things to contribute to whole humanity and I need to be around them to learn and get nourished. 
I work to facilitate spaces and opportunities for persons to be better version of themselves. Organizing people and setting system in this direction gives me immense joy. 
My constant effort is to know myself and all my work and relations with everyone and everything is an opportunity in this direction.6 Years
12Birkhang BasumataryExecutiveMA in Social WorkHailing from Udalguri district, I had worked for National Innovation Foundation as Innovation Associate. I am currently working in Boitmari block of Bongaigaon District, Assam and believe that core competencies lies on implementation, linkages and institutional development. I am very interested in sustainable livelihoods. In my spare time I like reading books, watching movies.1.5 Years
13Chinmoy BiswalIntegratorMBAI love working in the grass root. I make sure that I learn something new every day. Working in the community is what has kept me energized and motivated since the past five years, always try to do something new, and never shy away from experimenting in work or in life. Apart from work I love cooking, riding motorcycle, technology, traveling new places, meeting new people and making friends.5 Years
14Debasish AcharjeeExecutive (Acc & Fin)BComI have been working with SeSTA since its inception2011. Currently i am heading the Accounts section in SeSTA. Earlier I was engaged in PRADAN as an associate in Accounts. I have undergone different trainings on accounts and also completed all the phases of Group Process Awareness and Sensitivity.7 Years
15Debasish NathProgram DirectorMA in Mass Communication and Journalism, PGD in Human Resource ManagementAlong with integrating different teams I am also integrating the livelihood theme and looking after fund mobilization within SeSTA. Prior to joining SeSTA I was working as an executive in PRADAN and placed at Kalahandi district of Odisha.6 Years
16Dipak Ch. RayProgramme AssociateBAI love engaging with the community development work.6 Years
17Deepika Chiring PhukonExecutive TraineeMSWBeing a part of SeSTA I felt that I am in a right profession and also feeling good at work. I have been posted in Rongjuli, Goalpara district of Assam. There are mostly tribal community residing in Goalpara district. As a social worker I always feel great whenever I work with the community. By adopting more efficient use of sustainable livelihood practices I am supporting the community to improve their living standard.1 Year
18Deyir TaliExecutive TraineeMA in Social workJoined SeSTA directly after the completion of my PG course in social work. I chose to join SeSTA mainly to see my compatibility towards rural areas and my capabilities to deals with various experience from the field through hand to hand knowledge which will not only give us an opportunity to practice our theoretical knowledge but also to enhance our skills and knowledge through own experience by grassroots intervention. It’s a self-exploration plus exploring of our surroundings.Fresher
19Dhananjay RayProgramme AssociateBAIt has been half a decade since I started my stint at SeSTA. I continue to work here because I believe that when there is socio-economic growth, good quality education prevails and when there is peace and harmony in a society, we can move forward in life creating positive changes in our communities. My work majorly entails building credit linkages to women collectives for livelihood support. When I succeed in creating credit linkages with various banks and see Baideus initiating livelihood activities, it makes me happy and there is a feeling of accomplishment. During my free time I like playing volley ball, cricket and playing “Dhol”.5 Years
20Fung Raja MushaharyExecutiveMSWBorn and brought up in Guwahati, I am a person who loves adventure, explore places and the people living there. In the professional field, working in SeSTA is my first experience. From the past 1.5 years I have been posted in the Karbi Anglong district of Assam. Contributing towards the livelihood sector in this remote region of the state has been a lifetime experience. During this period in SeSTA I can see myself grow as a person as well as a professional every day. The desire and struggle of the people who are trying to uplift their living condition always motivate me to keep up the spirit of working towards the community.1.5 years
21Grace TungoeExecutiveMSWConnecting with people is a major driving force for my being. Listening to different stories of individuals that gets weaved with time never cease to amaze me. I can see myself in the various facets of stories people share with me; the stories created by one’s life journey. How different we all are? Yet, how similar our stories are; binding us together creating coherence amidst chaos. This search for “connectedness” has brought me at SeSTA working with individuals. I take pleasure in receiving and sharing knowledge with individuals engendering a movement in the stagnant waters. Apart from seeking meaningful relationships in life, I also enjoy music, debates and humor!2 Years
22Hariprakash LagashuExecutive TraineeBSc (Agriculture)Being in love with Agriculture his whole life, I joined SeSTA, and became a family member of this non-profit organization. Blending the modern agricultural skills with rural development principles and mobilizing communities for adopting modern sustainable livelihood practices for their social upliftment, I am trying to usher in sustainable development.1 year
23Hillol NathExecutiveMSWI am from Hailakandi and currently placed in Dumburnagar block of Tripura to provide technical support in livelihood. I have experience in mobilizing community, promoting community institutions & strengthening them, livelihood planning with rural community by using participatory planning processes, INRM approach and implementing them. I like travelling and exploring nature, different culture, try different cuisine and also like to listening music & memorising lyrics.4 Years
24Jasmine RupiniAssociate (MIS)B.ABeing a part of SeSTA family I am very happy that I can work with the community and contribute in their development.1.5 Years
25Jiveshwar HajongExecutiveMBAI am from Tura, Meghalaya. Gaining experiences from different grassroots engagements so far, I would mainly focus on to develop a better self-sustainable livelihood activities and strengthening the women collectives to help them build vibrant & robust institutions.1.5 Years
26Jupitora BaruahExecutive TraineeMSWI have been engaging in enhancement of livelihood of Mahila Kisans i.e. empower women’s to reduce their poverty. I thoroughly enjoy building relationships and helping others. I am thankful I can say that I really do enjoy going to work every day. There is always someone available to help in anyway. So it is a great platform for the fresher’s to learn new things and improve themselves for a better future.1 Year
27Keshab RayProgramme AssociateBAI have been working with the SeSTA's MISSION & VISION since last 6 years. Working with different communities guide me to LEARN different aspects of life and livelihood. These help me to grow as a development professional in the areas of community mobilisation, Institution building & Capacity Building as well as financial inclusion. My PASSION for work and EMPATHY towards the communities enhance my capabilities and PATIENCE to work in rural areas. I feel very happy to deliver my best possible guidance & motivate people towards sustainable development.6 Years
28Kinkar BhowmickExecutive TraineeBSc AgricultureI am from Tripura, presently I am working in Mandai block where most peoples from tribal community, and I feel happy to do something for them. As an agriculturist I want to do work in grassroots level, SeSTA give me this platform to explore my knowledge. Apart from these I am an open minded and determined type of person and always eager to know something new. I am interested to travelling, listening songs, playing outdoor games.Fresher
29Krishna Kanta GogoiExecutive TraineeBSc (Agriculture)I am from Dhemaji. I complete my Bachelor degree in agriculture. I selected this organization because SeSTA working on livelihood and here I have a platform for implement the new ideas on agriculture.Fresher
30Madhurjya Madhob BorahIntegratorMA in Mass Communication and JournalismAs a Development Professional I have worked extensively in the grassroots to Promote community based organization like SHG, VO, FPO and capacity building of the community and the cadre. I have gained experience in promoting farm, off farm and Integrated Natural Resource Management (INRM) based livelihoods. I have been engaged preparation of IEC materials for different training as well as providing technical and capacity building support to different SRLM like ASRLM, ArSRLM, MzSRLM, TRLM etc.4 Years
31Mahnur AliExecutiveBSc (Agriculture)I love simplicity and everyone is equal for me as per my perspective. I feel happy when opposite person feels happy due to my action. I want to help communities find solutions for their problems; so want to constantly enhance my knowledge and skills.2 Years
32Manash Jyoti RabhaIntegrator (IT, MIS & MEL)PGDM & MCAI had been working in corporates for about 7 years before I joined SeSTA. SeSTA gave me an opportunity to work towards social impact, at the same time for me it meant drastic changes in work and life style. This transition has been an adventure and, in some ways, a journey of self-discovery. It has opened my eyes to realities I didn't know exist and challenged my pre-conceived notions. Here within 2 months of my engagement I have realised that problems that the social sector tries to address are arguably more complex and challenging than in the private sector.7.5 Years
33Mrigakshi ChakravartyExecutiveMSWI am from Guwahati. Since the time I was pursuing my masters I was very interested to work in the development sector especially in the grassroots areas to enhance my knowledge and learning about grassroots realities and also to learn about various challenges that exists in the society. After I passed my masters I got the opportunity to join SeSTA as an Executive Trainee. During this one year traineeship period I got the opportunity to learn and unlearn many things which has helped me to grow personally as well as professionally. I have also received various trainings from SeSTA during my traineeship period like basic livelihood training, gender training, fishery training, training on NREGS and INRM. My journey in SeSTA is full of various learnings, experiences, challenges, excitements, insights etc. SeSTA have provided me the platform where I got the opportunity to explore my potentials as well as my deficiencies. It has helped me to work out of my comfort zone as a result of which I can see myself as a stronger and independent individual than I was before. My hobbies include travelling and exploring new places, listening music, watching movies and shopping. I am also a very foodie person.1.5 Years
34Mukut GowalaExecutiveMComI am from North Lakhimpur, Assam. In my eight years of professional journey, I have engaged with four Organizations. I have interest in folk culture especially traditional music. Playing percussion instruments like Tabla, Bihu Dhool, Pepa is my passion. Since my childhood in a Tea garden, I have realized and seen various aspects of poverty. When I am unable to solve a problem, I try to write an express. In one of my book “Manavata & bastav parihinkhya” I had quoted a line “Byabhisar Anyai Majotu Ji dore Nyai aase…., Hinkha hatya r Majotu Ji dore Hu Bichar ase…., thik heidore Aparadh Dhankha aaru Lunthanar majuti Manabata jiyai ase aaru Jyoyee hoiche”.8 Years
35Naomi HembromExecutiveMSWI prefer working in rural areas as I think that to bring change, the rural economy should be improved. I am gaining interest recently after joining SeSTA in capacity building and livelihood of women. Other than doing community work, I am also a nature lover and love gardening. I love visiting hill station. I love travelling and taste food from different region. I wish to go back to my village someday to bring some change in and around the village I live.2 Years
36Nazimul HaqueProgramme AssociateBAI am from Bongaigaon district. I am married and father of two kids. I am associated with SeSTA since its inception. My aim in life is to continue working as an honest social worker and working with marginalized communities gives me immense satisfaction. My best moments are when I can help a poor person in any kind. I had opportunity of working in different themes in different areas and each day is a new learning opportunity.6 Years
37Nisharani DekaAssociate (MIS)BAI am engaged in MIS of the organisation. I also extend my support on field based operations and love engaging with the communities and women colelctives.2 Years
38Polash PatangiaExecutive TraineeM.A. In Mass Communication & JournalismI am From Tezpur and I am currently working as an Executive Trainee in Manikpur Block. I completed my masters in Mass Comm. & Journalism From Tezpur University. Thus being a student of communication it has always been an interesting thing for me to notice that how one could eradicate the noises in the communication process thereby triggering the development process. I being a carrier of the same belief am trying to eradicate the noises which has hindered the process of development and thus try to bring smiles in People's Face.5 Months
49Poulami SahaExecutiveMaster's in Forestry, HNB Garhwal University, UttarakhandI am from Agartala, Tripura presently working in Indigo funded project entitled 'Sustainable livelihood promotion through women LED institutions following INRM approach' at Jirania Block West Tripura. Before joining SeSTA I had been working as a research scholar in various Research Institutes in Tripura Centre for about 7 years. SeSTA has given me the chance to work with the livelihood communities in a grassroot level for the livelihood promotion in social welfare. In my three month of journey in this organisation it immense me with various experience, learning, challenges and excitement, it is a new platform for me to receive an opportunity to explore my potential in different kind of human activities through livelihood generation. I like to travel and explore new places and like to listen music making friend is my hobby. 7 years
40Pradyut BhattacharjeeExecutive DirectorBE(Computer Science)I enjoy working with communities, taking up new challenges, engaging with youngsters as a co-traveler in their journeys of exploration. Building organizations- infusing them with new ideas, giving strategic support and shaping the approaches, is something which I am currently resonating with. I love slow travelling, trekking the Himalayas, listening to different genres of music, contemplating, reading fiction and bird watching.16 Years
41Prakash LakraIntegratorMBA (Finance), MComI have been in the development sector for 6 years now. Before I started working with SeSTA I have worked with Peoples Action for Development as an accountant. I have experience of promoting and strengthening women collectives and promoting different livelihood activities with them. I also have experience of making village development plan through INRM approach and leveraging fund through NREGS. Currently, I am supporting different block teams in field for activity implementation and planning. I have also been developing project proposals and coordinating projects in SeSTA. I love fishing and watching & playing cricket and football.5 Years
42Prasanta DebabarmaExecutiveMSc in Forestry and BiodiversityI hail from Tripura and currently working in Dumburnagar block under Dhalai district. I am an extrovert person by nature, so it made me easy to be friendly with everyone I meet. My aim in life is to become an environmentalist. The work I am associated with gives me an immense pleasure as it helps me to understand people and work under different challenges which in return enriches me with different knowledge and skills.1.5 Years
43Rahul ChakmaExecutive traineeM.Sc HorticultureAs I am from agriculture background, all I learnt in collage was theory. SeSTA is a great platform where I can practically work in the fields in developing the communities.Fresher
44Rajat Kamal HazarikaExecutive TraineeMA in Communication for DevelopmentI want to be a voice of the voiceless.Fresher
45Ranjan DasExecutiveMA in Mass Communication and JournalismThe most important thing I learnt at SeSTA is to question everything I encounter with. The training programmes, workshops and exposure trips have allowed me to explore the unexplored in me. I have changed and now I know, it was possible because the best about SeSTA federation is its people-the people you work with and the people you work for.4 Years
46Raushan KumarExecutiveMA DevelopmentSESTA gave me opportunity to work those people who belongs to very marginalize in society, and it's also gave me the grass root experience which help me to engage in society and understand their problem. The best thing of SeSTA is, we learn new thing every day, and the learning centric approach of SeSTA is really helpful for my growth. So I feel it is the best platform for me.4 Years
47Regia KomExecutiveMA in Ecology & Environment and Sustainable DevelopmentI realized my interest in community works when I intensively volunteered in different volunteer programs during my graduation years. I also like travelling to different places with a purpose - admiring the beautiful places, meeting new people, learning something new. I’ve always had a passion for Arts: drawing, crafting, decorating, recycling things always gives me joy. In my free time I also like to bird watch, although I am not a pro but I like taking pictures, capturing moments and beauty. Presently, trying my hand in cooking because I’m a big foodie. I like games which are brain storming. Patience, integrity, compassion, dedication, helping, coordinating, communication are some of my biggest strengths. I’m a good listener if you have to share a story. My motto in life is to keep smiling and spread smiles.1 Year
48Riya DattaExecutive TraineeBSc AgricultureMyself I am an extrovert person I like to explore new places, meet new peoples and I am happy to be a part of SeSTA family. Since the time from my graduation I want to do something for the nation & society and here I am fortunate enough to work in such a place that involves engagement with the communities and its development. Presently I am working in Indigo project at Jirania Block in Tripura in a grassroot level with the communities for promoting their livelihood income generation.Fresher
49Romeo KochIntegratorMA in Ecology & EnvironmentIn association with SeSTA, and has been engaged with Projects of MKSP, Tata Trust projects - DBI, JTT, and ITC- MSK projects. I enjoy working with rural communities, taking up new tasks, engaging with the teams I work, also taking and giving support from colleagues. Apart from work I love to travel, Ride, love nature, camping’s, write, bird watching, taking safaris and to be in the wild.5 Years
50Samel DebbarmaExecutive TraineeBvSc.and A.HI am interested to work for social development especially for backward community and glad to be part of SeSTA family.Fresher
51Serlibon RongpipiExecutive TraineeMSWBeing a student from Social Work background, I always have the urge to engage myself with the community people. SeSTA has given me that platform where I can put all my theoretical knowledge into practice and see the realities happening in society.1 Year
52Shyam Jyoti BorgohainExecutiveBSc (agriculture)I am currently placed at Manikpur and have gone through various Training programme like Livelihood Planning, Gender, Process Awareness Sensitivity, INRM approach. He have facilitated livelihood trainings in collaboration with NRLM, VIKSAT, The ANT, and ICICI Foundation. I am also working with ALC India in Darjeeling for facilitating opening of a Fair Price Shop.1.5 Years
53Srima BaishyaExecutive TraineeMA in Gender StudiesHave 2 (Two) years of work experience with youth in skill development sector. SeSTA has been a platform to implement new ideas and techniques to enhance the ability of vulnerable groups in our society.3 Year
54Suman GhoshAccounts and FinanceBComI am from Tripura and presently working as an accountant in Jirania Block before joining SeSTA I was working in IIE in Lalmati Guwahati and having an experience of 1 year on this now I am member of SeSTA family and want to discover myself in the capabilities through the livelihood. Apart from the action for development an account sector I am engaged with innovative paintings.1 Year
55Supon ChakmaExecutiveMASW in Community Organisation and Development PracticeI am as a development professional, have keen interest and empathy to work with poor and marginalised communities in Rural Areas. I am associted with SeSTA since July 2018, and enaged with ITC-MSK project in Kamrup Rural, Bezera Block and currently working under IndiGo Reach Project in Mandwi block, West Tripura. SeSTA is a platform to implement new ideas and learn new things from community in the field. I love travelling, listening music, trekking and helping people in whatever way I can.1 Year
56Syeda Nur Asma AhmedExecutiveMA(Sociology)I have done my Masters in Sociology from Tezpur University. I hold a passion to work in the grassroots. I have been engaged in facilitating sustainable livelihood and strengthening community institutions in Chirang District. My area of interest is understanding and working in gender related ideas/issues and group dynamics/behaviour. Apart from this I love reading books and enjoy penning down my thoughts and experiences.4 Years
57Tseng MarakExecutiveMComI am from Boko and currently working as an executive in SeSTA at Borobazar Block, Chirang District. Prior to SeSTA I have worked in The Institute of Computer Accountants (ICA), Ajmal Foundation and Don Bosco Institute (DBI). Each organization has provided me a great learning platform in different ways. To work with the different colors of community was always my dream. SeSTA opened its wide arms and provided me the arena to work with the different communities. This is how dream comes true. It is a tough way, but it is indeed profusely a beautiful way. Helping the needy is always a part of my life and this is what I have been gifted I personally feel. And yes I am a music lover, song writer and I play football and cricket a lot. Moreover, I also like jogging, mountain climbing, riding, and serving internet. I love to accept the struggles, face the problems and enjoy the challenges. At the initial stage, it was perhaps quite difficult for me to get going with the field work even so gradually I fell in love with it deeply and now I am living with it deeply. Love will keep us alive is my strong believe and faith.3.5 Years
58Tirtharaj GohainExecutive TraineeMA in Mass Communication and JournalismBeing a Communication student I always wanted to work for the people those who are deprived off, I wanted to bring out their challenges in front of the world and then when I heard about SeSTA I felt this is the platform which will help me to work in the grassroots and I can be a medium to lessen their woes. SeSTA gave me an opportunity to reside in Karbi Anglong for 25 days with a Dimasa family and from there I can feel that this is what I want to do, to work for those who are marginalised, I want to be a medium for their development.Fresher
59Trithendu NandiExecutiveMSWI am a very fun loving guy. I love to spend more time with community people. I always prefer to approach my work in a manner that I enjoy it to the hilt.2 Years
60Ziabur RahmanProgramme AssociateBAI am happy to be part of this community development journey.6 Years